The Trickle Down Effect: How Investing in Our Employees Benefits Our Partner Chapters

Within the ever-evolving world of food service, one philosophy remains true: the better the chef, the better the food. That’s why Gill Grilling is committed to employing a team of culinary professionals who can handle the big stuff without forgetting the small the small stuff, either.

Below, find our four rules we use to ensure we provide our Greek Life houses with the best talent possible. It may not be easy to meet our standards, but we know its worth it!

  • Rule #1: have the right paperwork. That’s right! Before we put chefs in charge of preparing signature entrées like duck confit, we make sure we have our ducks in a row, first. This includes a full criminal background check, ServSafe® certification, and culinary certification that ensures each chef is equipped to serve a custom menu. By giving our employees the necessary tools and training, we put them on a path to success before they ever enter your kitchen.

  • Rule #2: offer competitive compensation. With our discerning chef selection program, we don’t cut corners on costs, either. By paying your culinary team a competitive salary, we’re able to ensure less turnover, better service, and overall higher rates of satisfaction for those in the kitchen and in the dining room!

  • Rule #3: employ regional management. We take pride in providing our chefs with on-site resources, too. By employing regional managers across the country, we’re facilitating better communication and faster response times for everyone. We know that the best employees are ones the feel supported, and we’re proud to provide that here at Gill Grilling!

  • Rule #4: invest in interpersonal skills. Unlike a restaurant chef or back-of-house employee, our house chefs work day-in and day-out to provide the best food for your chapter. Because of this, we seek out team members we know can connect with your members on a personal level, too. From food preferences to late plate reservations, Gill Grilling chefs know that the better they get to know your members, the better meals they can prepare for your chapter!

Ready to learn how we’re changing the game when it comes to cooking for Greek Life organizations? Email us at to request a free quote!

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Abby Colby