Convenience & Value

Dining halls can be a long way away—especially when you’re hungry! Our service allows you to eat at your own house. Your chapter will receive its own personal chef that customizes lunch and dinner meals every day. Our bulk purchasing ability and low overhead allow us to deliver a great service that’s a better value than dining halls or eating at restaurants, which makes living in a chapter house an attractive–and delicious–option.

Foster Brotherhood & Sisterhood

Members all have different schedules making it difficult to coordinate chapter events or provide opportunities for members to socialize. With our service, house meals provide regular opportunities for interaction and camaraderie—helping foster brotherhood and sisterhood.

Stability & Consistency

Our staff includes extra “floater” chefs and cooks to fill in when the chapter’s regular chef is sick or needs a day off so your house is never without meal service. By offering higher wages and fringe benefits, we are able to attract the best food service employees.

How It Works

  • Food Delivered Fresh

    We receive all deliveries of raw product on site at your chapter house.

  • Highly Trained Chefs

    We hire and train cooks to work on-site at your location during times of operation.

  • Oven to Plate

    All food is made fresh and comes immediately from the oven to the plate or the buffet.

  • Soda or Juice Service

    A soda fountain is available at all times.

  • Get all the Details

    Contact us so we can send you a downloadable PDF containing everything you need to know to get started.