Customized GGC Shop

Convenient Shopping For Specialty Items!


With a Gill Grilling meal plan, your base price is all-inclusive. But who wants to be “base”? You want to be “special”!

Indeed, there are often specialty items needed periodically that fall outside the scope of the regular meal service. These could include housekeeping items, where you tap into our purchasing power to supply the house with toiletries. It can also include premium snacks and add-ons that are can be provided for the members who want them, without raising the cost of the entire meal service.

Your chapter’s E-Store can be set up with the exact products you want to see. Our corporate staff includes expert product nerds–we don’t call them “product nerds” but nonetheless it’s a term of endearment–who would love to help you select the exact products that fit your taste and your budget. Get in touch with our service team and we’ll set it up right away!

Customized GGC Shop

  • Dedicated online store stocking special items selected by you.
  • Can include specialty food items, as well as household supplies, or really anything you want.
  • Transparent pricing allows to-the-penny budget tracking.
  • Better-than-retail pricing.
  • More convenient than other forms of shopping.

          Cost: Service is free! Items for sale are priced as shown.

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