Night Owl Upgrade

Add convenience and improve life safety with the Night Owl Upgrade!


Gill Grilling chefs work hard, with many of then leaving by 7pm after a full day of work. This schedule works well to provide a manageable workload for your chef, and also to keep the price of the meal plan as attractive as possible.

Many college students thrive on independence and individuality, and their meal preferences are no exception! Late night cravings can strike at any time. For those members eating late at night, they face a choice between dinner leftovers and meal delivery. Those options are often lower quality, less healthy, and can even pose a safety risk with third party delivery drivers coming to your chapter house late at night.

With the Night Owl Upgrade, you can enjoy round-the-clock service without compromising your safety or convenience. Get in touch with our service team and we’ll set it up right away!

Night Owl Upgrade

  • Increases the availability of snack and meal options overnight and on weekends.
  • Salad bar remains open overnight and is restocked in the morning.
  • Salad bar includes deli options.
  • Access to premium snacks, including meal replacements.

          Cost: $3 per person per week.


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