Is Your Greek Life Chapter Chef Working On Your Schedule, Or Is it the Other Way Around?

Life doesn’t always run on schedule, especially in college! From late-night meetings to group projects and long library sessions to part-time jobs, we know that university students can’t rely on consistent schedules — but, why should they miss a meal because of it?

At Gill Grilling, our menus aren’t the only things that are customizable – the timing is, too! With the Gill Grilling app, students who live in our sorority and fraternity houses can easily reserve a late plate from wherever they happen to be. From there, our chefs prepare a portioned entrée members can pick up at a time that works for them – and that’s not all. By using the power of smartphones, students can also put in a request for specific meal items, and see what’s on their house’s lunch and dinner menu for the coming week.  The customized food is served at a customized time in either a reusable or biodegradable container that’s good for the environment.

In addition to our meal reservation and menu tools, we also accommodate residents with food allergies by offering a variety of food options and alternative ingredients whenever possible.

So, how is your Greek organization house managing student’s ever-expanding schedules and needs? When people miss meals, it’s not just a nutritional problem–is a chapter problem.  You’re missing the best opportunity for brotherhood/sistership development!

Gill Grilling can help. With background checked, ServSafe®-certified chefs available across the county, we seek to simplify the challenges that accompany managing a sorority or fraternity house so you can focus on enriching resident experience in other ways.

Ready to upgrade your meal service options? Choose Gill Grilling, where we combine almost 20 years in Greek life with industry-leading technology to make life easier than ever before. To learn more and request a free quote, get started here.

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Abby Colby