Camp Service

Our great food helps ensure your campers have a memorable experience.

Gill Grilling helps Residential and Day Camps to manage all aspects of your on-site meal service.

From the Tri-State areas on the East Cost to the Camps of California, leave the stresses of staffing and food service to us!

Say Goodbye to Staff Headaches. Our team of chefs around the county is already trained and vetted. We will identify chefs to work at your Camp and manage the entire process.

Budget Certainty. Enjoy the peace of mind that your price will not change. Our price is all-inclusive, allowing you to set your budgets with confidence.

Proudly Founder Operated. Gill Grilling proudly remains wholly owned by its founder, resulting in a high bar for personalized service that comes from the top. To provide that ‘family experience’ to your campers, you’re vendor partners should do the same!

Nationwide Footprint. Our base of operations spans from New Hampshire, to Alabama, to California. Wherever your campers are hungry, we are here to help.

Two Decades of Experience. A service company is only as good as its reputation. Since 2002 we have built a reputation for professionalism, quality, and reliable service.

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