2020-2021 Food Service Operations

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Many of us are turning to the 2020-2021 academic year and what it may look like.  We will be maintaining this post to help communicate updates on a campus by campus basis.  If you are a Gill Grilling team member, please also check the link sent in your email for our internal document.

As of this publication date, all campuses we service are scheduled for normal(ish) opening in Fall 2020.  However, the statements from these Universities range in the amount of flexibility they allow for plans to change.

Here are some select publications and resources that may be helpful:

Fraternity and Sorority Will EndureInformation from Phired Up and other industry stakeholders about the future of Fraternities and Sororities in the COVID recovery era.

University of Alabama Fall Opening Announcement

University of Michigan–(Probably) Open in Fall

Cal Poly–Fall Opening Is Still Possible

West Virginia University Fall Opening Announcement

What If My Campus Doesn’t Open In The Fall–What Are My Financial and Contractual Obligations?

If campuses don’t reopen in the fall, your price will be adjusted accordingly. You will not incur any charges until food service actually begins. Signing / renewing your contract for 20-21, in itself, does not commit you to any payments or early termination fees.  Your financial obligation starts only when we know the start date of food service, and if that date is anything other than the normally scheduled start of the academic semester, we’ll re-price the contract for your review.  In the (hopefully unlikely) event that service starts, but then is subsequently suspended for any reason, we’ll again work with you to calculate a refund.

When Service Does Resume, What Will Be Different?

Depending on government guidelines and general health risks, Gill Grilling is ready to implement any of the below necessary measures.  Implementation of these measures will be on a case by case basis once we are closer to the service start date.

-salad bar discontinued                               -all disposable supplies
-mask use                                                       -chefs serve all meals / no buffets
-all leftovers discarded                                -bulk service discontinued (ex: cereal jugs removed)
-service only for in-house residents          -regular schedule of virucide sanitization

In addition to the above safety protocols, we have a number of convenience protocols that were originally designed to provide customized meals designed around individuals’ schedules.  Our grab-and-go services and electronic app ordering will help to maintain distancing (if needed) and increase the attractiveness of the meal plan.

We Need To Be Price-Conscious.  What Are The Options?

The most powerful way to decrease per-person costs is to add more people to the meal plan.  The economies of scale achieved by adding people to the meal plan vastly outweigh the cost savings that can be achieved by cutting services.  If reducing services is unavoidable, we have worked with many chapters to identify meals that are not as highly attended–often including Friday dinners and hot breakfasts.  Please contact us at Office@gillgrilling.com to talk through the best options for your chapter.

Help–We Need Supplies!

Gill Grilling works with hundreds of vendors around the country, and we receive weekly updates on product availability.  We have seen consistent availability on scarce supplies, including hand sanitizer, paper towels, gloves, and masks.  If you are in need of these items, we can help.