What Are Extras?–Billable Expense Details

You may receive a bill for ‘Extras’ on 4 dates each year:

March 31
May 31
October 31
December 31

Many of our meal plans have 2 different components to the total cost. The “Base Price” covers hot meals, salary, overhead, supplies, and certain beverages. This is the bulk of the total cost of meal service.

‘Extras’ are expenses incurred for various other purposes that are billed to your chapter for reimbursement on the dates above. There is no upcharge for the items–we bill who only the wholesale cost of what you actually use. They usually include continental breakfast items and snacks.
You can set a budget for Extras, guaranteeing you’ll never extend your assigned budget, but could potentially use less than your budgeted amount if the items are not needed. Billable expense extras may have additional designations:

BTST: “Bill To / Ship To”, which is an internal designation for our vendors. These are your food Extras.
BC: “Billable Cleaning”, any items requested by the chapter or housekeeping staff for non-meal plan related items.
BR: “Billable Recruitment”, any items used for recruitment purposes.

When we send an Extras invoice, we’ll also include the scanned purchase orders that document how the invoice total was calculated. If your billable items exceed the maximum you’ve established with us, your invoice will show a rebate for the overage.