Title Kitchen Manager/Private Chef–Year Round Hiring
Salary $15-$20/hr (depending on weekly hours)
Location Alabama–Tuscaloosa
Maryland–College Park
Michigan–Ann Arbor
New Hampshire–Durham
New Jersey–New Brunswick
New York–Ithaca
New York–Syracuse
Pennsylvania–State College
Rhode Island–Kingston
West Virginia–Morgantown
Job Information

Gill Grilling is a contractual meal service company that specializes in providing food to Fraternity and Sorority chapters around the country.

We always want to be talking to good candidates, whether or not we have a specific position available near you.  This job posting is shown year-round, and does not necessarily indicate an open position.  Rather, we want to be connected with good applicants 24 / 7 / 365.  Please feel free to submit your resume, and if you’re a good fit, we’ll find a spot for you!

You will be a full-time private chef, working on-site at one of our customer locations.  Your main role as the the private chef is to make the customer happy.  Our job as a company is to give you the resources you need to do that.  We provide menus, ordering, vendor selection, and administrative support.  We also provide uniforms and any equipment you need to do your job.  Your duties and a typical day might include:

-work with supervisors to design menus
-prepare and cook all meals for 30-75 people at your job site (same job site every day)
-maintain a clean kitchen
-maintain good control and rotation of inventory
-interact with customers and respond to feedback

A Typical Day Includes:

  1. turn on equipment
  2. stock and freshen salad bar
  3. prep lunch items
  4. serve lunch
  5. clean up from lunch
  6. prep dinner
  7. clean up from dinner, wash all dishes
  8. clean and close salad bar (or put out breakfast foods)
  9. turn off all equipment
  10. sweep and mop

We want you to be as happy as possible.  Most of our chefs have been in the food service industry for a long time, and are tired of the lifestyle.  They’re tired of the 60-80 hour weeks, late nights, and never seeing their family.  Gill Grilling is the perfect fit.  We offer set weekday / daytime hours, and a low-stress environment where nobody will be bothering you.  Daily interaction with the customer will let you know that your hard work is appreciated, and we aim to make your experience as positive as possible.

-high level of independence
-full time/day time hours
-experience with short-order line cooking and buffet style preparation strongly preferred
-ability to design menus
-opportunity to run your own kitchen
-low stress atmosphere
-long term OR temporary employment available to fit your needs

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